About us

We are your experts for repairing flexible endoscopes!

Years of experience

The company may just have been founded, but the whole team has tons of experience in the business field. – We are very familiar with endoscopes!

Competent specialists

The quality of our work and our confidence in our work results are shown by the extensive warrenties that we give on used and refurbished devices.

Fast repair service

We work quickly and thoroughly, pursuing the goal of keeping the restrictions in your doctor’s office or hospital as low as possible in the case of any defect in your endoscope technology.

Brand-independent advices

Your customer satisfaction is our focus and not the sales numbers for a specific product or the products of a specific manufacturer!

scopeREPAIR GmbH is specialized in repairing and saling flexible endoscopes along with accessories and consumables. We offer endoscopes, processors, light sources, accessories and much more – with a focus on the manufacturers Olympus, Pentax and Fujinon.

We applied for foundation in 2020, whereby scopeREPAIR emerged from another company in the same business field. For this reason, all employees have many years of experience. scopeREPAIR is a reliable contact for doctors and hospitals.

scopeREPAIR – cause the outcome matters!