Bronchoscope Olympus BF-P190

Bronchoscope Olympus BF-P190
Insertion tube
Outer diameter 4,1 mm
Working length 600 mm
Total length 880 mm
Biopsy channel
Inner diameter 2,0 mm
Up 210°
Down 130°
Optical system
Field of view 110°
Direction of view 0° Forward viewing
Depth of field 2-50 mm
Compatible with this processors Exera III CV-190
Various - NBI (Narrow Band Imaging)
- Waterproof One-touch Connector
- Rotation function of the insertion tube by up to
120° to the left and right
- Electronic magnification

12 months warranty
Status Used device rebuilt

Olympus BF-P190 - Exceptionally clear and bright images

The Olympus BF-P190 impresses with exceptional image quality and its ultra-slim insertion tube with a diameter of only 4.1 mm.

The insertion tube can be moved up to 120° to the right and left with the unique rotation function, reducing hand torque.

Better visualization of vascular structures through a brighter NBI (Narrow Band Imaging) mode compared to previous models...

Thanks to the new waterproof One-touch Connector, a water protection cap is no longer required for both cleaning/preparation. The risk of water damage is virtually eliminated, saving the user expensive repair costs.

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