Video-Gastroscope Fujinon EG-530WR

Fujinon EG-530WR
Fujinon EG-530WR
Fujinon EG-530WR
Fujinon EG-530WR
Insertion tube
Outer diameter 9,3 mm
Working length 1100 mm
Total length 1400 mm
Biopsy channel
Inner diameter 2,8 mm
Up 210°
Down 90°
Left 100°
Right 100°
Optical system
Field of view 140°
Direction of view 0° Forward viewing
Depth of field 4-100 mm
Compatible with this processors EPX-4450HD, EPX-3500HD, EPX-4400, EPX-2500
Various 12 months warranty
Status Used device rebuilt


Fujinon AW-500/G

Air/Water Valve

Fujinon SB-500

Suction Valve

Fujinon Biopsieventil

Fujinon Biopsy Valve

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Fujinon EG-530WR - excellent image quality

You get excellent images and natural color reproduction with the Fujinon EG-530WR thanks to the Super CCD during the examination.

The Fujinon EG-530WR delivers a better display with its large field of view of 140°.

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