Olympus Evis Exera III CV-190 / CLV-190

Olympus CV-190/CLV-190
Olympus CV-190/CLV-190
Olympus CV-190/CLV-190
Olympus CV-190/CLV-190
Olympus CV-190 processor
The Olympus Evis Exera III CV-190 video system provides video processing for advanced endoscopy. The system enables easy access to the numerous functions of the Evis Exera III endoscopes. Thanks to reduced noise, the new and improved image processing offers excellent image quality and improved color contrast for optimum image quality.
NBI (Narrow Band Imaging) in endoscopes of the Evis Exera III 190 series offers twice the visible distance to endoscopes of the Evis Exera II 180 series and offers significantly brighter images.
The CV-190 offers the option of switching the focus point between “near” and “normal” at the push of a button.
The pre-freeze function selects the clearest still image and automatically saves time.
The CV-190 is compatible with the endoscopes of the EVIS 100/130/140/150, EVIS EXERA 160, EVIS EXERA II 180, GI / BF / VISERA and EVIS EXERA III 190 series.

Analog HDTV signal: RGB, YPbPr
Analog SDTV signal: VBS composite, Y / C, RGB
Digital signal: HD-SDI, SD-SDI, DV, DVI
Dimensions (width × height × depth): 370 × 85 × 455 mm
Weight: 10.7 kg

Light source Olympus CLV-190
The Olympus Evis Exera III CLV-190 xenon light source has a new connector that allows the Evis Exera III endoscopes to be connected in one step. This eliminates the need for a video cable connection to the video processor. It has a new fan that significantly reduces the operating noise level compared to previous generations.
Brighter, more powerful imaging: Narrow Band Imaging (NBI) delivers twice the visible distance.
Automatic light setting to achieve the ideal lighting for observation with every endoscope.

Lamp: Xenon short-arc lamp (ozone-free) 300 watts
Dimensions (width × height × depth): 370 × 150 × 476 mm
Weight: 19 kg
Status Very good used condition
Scope of supply
Scope of supply
- As shown
- Keyboard included