Pentax EPK-i HD+ Processor / Light source

Pentax EPK-i
Pentax EPK-i
Pentax EPK-i
The Pentax EPK-i video processor is a multi-function device that generates high-resolution images with its high-end hardware and software design. It can work with both analog and digital signals and it will reduce the image degradation due to the conversion. In addition to regular edge enhancement, advanced functions such as surface enhancement and contrast enhancement are available. These provide HDTV picture quality, but can only be used individually. The system can also perform still and fine freezes, and display brighter and finer images. This is due to the progressive scan technology and the faster shutter speed. It has its own built-in light source that uses a 300 watt xenon lamp to provide the lighting required for endoscopic examinations and procedures.

Compatible with the series: 70K, 75K, 80K, 85K, Kp (Classic-Line), 90K, 90i, i10
Lamp: 300 W xenon
HD Signal Digital: DVI and HD-SDI
Analog SD signal: RGB, S-Video, Composite Video
Dimensions (W x H x D): 430 x 205 x 485 mm
Weight: 26.5 kg
Status Good used condition
Scope of supply
Scope of supply
- As shown
- Keyboard included