Pentax EPK-i5000 HD+ Processor / Light source

Pentax EPK-i5000
Pentax EPK-i5000
Pentax EPK-i5000
The EPK-i5000 offers excellent illumination and HD image quality. Excellent HD imaging with powerful illumination and digital signal processing. Sharp white light images, the high quality of which supports display and detection. i-scan is a digital software-based real-time method for image enhancement. It is used for a more detailed representation of the mucosal surface and vascular structure.
doors. With the help of the EPK-i5000, the sharp and excellently exposed white-light images are modified by i-scan algorithms and tissue and vascular structures are shown more accentuated. In this way, the detection rate can be increased and the characterization of lesions can be supported.

Compatible with the series: 70K, 75K, 80K, 85K, Kp (Classic-Line), 90K, 90i, i10
Lamp: 300 W xenon
HD signal digital: DVI and VGA
Analog SD signal: RGB, S-Video, Composite Video
Dimensions (W x H x D): 400 x 205 x 485 mm
Weight: 22 kg
Status Very good used condition
Scope of supply
Scope of supply
- As shown
- Keyboard included