HDTV Gastroscope Olympus GIF-H190

Olympus GIF-H190
Olympus GIF-H190
Olympus GIF-H190
Olympus GIF-H190
Insertion tube
Outer diameter 9,2 mm
Working length 1030 mm
Total length 1350 mm
Biopsy channel
Inner diameter 2,8 mm
Up 210°
Down 90°
Left 100°
Right 100°
Optical system
Field of view 140°
Direction of view 0° Geradeaus
Depth of field 2-100 mm
Compatible with this processors Exera III CV-190
Various • NBI (Narrow Band Imaging)
• Close focus
• Waterproof One-touch Connector
• Water jet function

12 months warranty
Status Used device rebuilt


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Olympus GIF-H190 - Enjoy HDTV

With its slim insertion tube of Ø 9.2 mm and an HDTV image sensor that ensures high-resolution detail display, the Olympus GIF-H190 is powerful and slim at the same time. You get the finest mucous membrane details thanks to a very large depth of field of 2-100 mm, which allows precise assessment during examinations.

With the 2 mm close focus, the Olympus GIF-H190 offers you the possibility of detailed analysis of the mucosa.

Mucosal surfaces and blood vessels are displayed with higher contrast thanks to the brighter NBI (Narrow Band Imaging) mode and you can therefore enjoy a correspondingly enlarged range of vision.

Enjoy better treatments and procedures thanks to the additional flushing channel, which is standard on all routine gastroscopes of the EVIS EXERA III 190 series.

With the new waterproof one-touch connector, a water protection cap is no longer required for cleaning / reprocessing. This almost eliminates the risk of water damage and saves the user expensive repair costs.

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